MYK STUDIOS (Life through Light)

Implementing a Design strategy has given MYK Studios an easy and efficient way to manage their wedding business online so that they can spend more time doing what they love!

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Posters, panels, stands, stationary, greeting cards, presentations, documentries, launching of new series and projects !

With an average of over 8 million searches for wedding professionals on the internet each month, there is a lot of challange to make your brand to be just be a click away from your prospective client! Your excellence in the wedding industry shines through your work, but it can be incredibly time-consuming to get just a single prospect all the way through the process from the initial inquiry to the wedding day — especially if you don’t have the right system(s) in place.

Project Description

It is wonderful to have a vision, but it is even better to be able to communicate the vision in front of the world in effective way. MYK Studios project was not just required advertising for the photography service. This campaign also presented us with a greater challenge of promoting the vision behind this business. The founding member’s participation in the social and cultural development had to be properly portrayed. So this campaign was targeted audience for business but also armatures and new students to join MYK Studios and learn by an extensive program "MYKA" (MYK Academy).

Project Details

  • Client

    Muhammad Yasir Khan (CEO MYK Studios)

  • Skills

    • Design
    • Post processing of images
    • Posters, Stands, Hordings design
    • Magazine Ads

Result oriented strategic design

We create social media strategy and design solutions. We believe that design, when done correctly, produces an inclusive and elegant result; that’s where the name “Y-Axis” comes from. Helping bussinesses to reach their desired heights.

Deploying the latest technological updates

We implement best practices that complement and are inherently incorporated as a part of effective and successful strategy; from branding to information architecture to visual design to technical development.

7/24 Support

Scheduled and budget efficience, and constant in-touch involvement with clients. Together, we create a highly, intense and productive team spirit.