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Implementing a Design strategy has given MYK Studios an easy and efficient way to manage their wedding business online so that they can spend more time doing what they love!

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Drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources including, romance, moment in nature and times, Solitaire has defined a look that seamlessly compliments the wardrobes of all women in their own unique styles and personalities.

The Business of Jewellery is a Pathway into the joyous moments of peoples lives. Jewellery purchases mark milestones of marriage, birthdays, births anniversaries and much more. Oft times they are a gift to oneself, celebrating personal achievement and self worth. In each instance however, they make the wearer feel special and appreciated. Many pieces will be remembered forever signifying commitment and love. A multitude of relationships between mother and daughter, husband and wife, unions and reunions will be fortified by these ornaments. They will be passed down through generations. The significance and affection imbibed within each treasure will outlive us.

Project Description

Solitaire Designer Jewellery, a brand name which stands as a hallmark of trust and extra ordinary customer service. We are the third generation entrepreneurs and have an experience spanning more than 50 years in business. Since first opening its doors in 2008, Solitaire has strived to create the most exquisitely detailed, perfectly finished fine jewellery to be worn proudly for all time. In this spirit every Solitaire fine jewellery design makes a signature statement and sets apart the woman who wears it.

Project Details

  • Client

    Asad-ur-Rehman Sheikh

  • Skills

    • Design
    • Post processing of images
    • Posters, Stands, Hordings design
    • Magazine Ads

Result oriented strategic design

We create social media strategy and design solutions. We believe that design, when done correctly, produces an inclusive and elegant result; that’s where the name “Y-Axis” comes from. Helping bussinesses to reach their desired heights.

Deploying the latest technological updates

We implement best practices that complement and are inherently incorporated as a part of effective and successful strategy; from branding to information architecture to visual design to technical development.

7/24 Support

Scheduled and budget efficience, and constant in-touch involvement with clients. Together, we create a highly, intense and productive team spirit.