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Mehmood Qureshi (QCI)

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Take a look at strong brand identity and designwork created for construction industry!

Branding and design work for your construction business should portray your company’s virile identity. Show your customers who stands that tallest and proudest with a name that screams strength and respect.

Project Description

Construction business branding needs to be as tough and masculine as the industry itself. Construction workers are seen as strong and capable workers who have the ability to create something out of nothing. They are the warriors of the art industry.

Project Details

  • Client

    Executors/ Quality Construction

  • Skills

    • Design
    • Cataloge design
    • Branding
    • website

Result oriented strategic design

We create social media strategy and design solutions. We believe that design, when done correctly, produces an inclusive and elegant result; that’s where the name “Y-Axis” comes from. Helping bussinesses to reach their desired heights.

Deploying the latest technological updates

We implement best practices that complement and are inherently incorporated as a part of effective and successful strategy; from branding to information architecture to visual design to technical development.

7/24 Support

Scheduled and budget efficience, and constant in-touch involvement with clients. Together, we create a highly, intense and productive team spirit.

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